About Me


My Approach

Journalism is a field that allows me to be creative and cover important topics. Getting the job done the right way and creating a story is what drives me to do this.

I've been doing daily stories for newspapers but also covered themes closed to the youth -problems and social situations that they face on an everyday basis.

For three years I've been following an alternative music scene in Serbia, doing interviews with bands and writing concert reviews about some of the most popular bands in the world, like Whitesnake or Billy Idol.

Everything I do, I do it thoroughly and with devotion.

My Story

I started writing a blog nine years ago and thanks to that blog I got a chance to work as a rock journalist and listen to, see and meet some of the biggest bands of today. This became my passion.

Doors were opening after that. I was writing for multiple music sites since 2015. and I'm still writing for one. Also, I got the chance to write about literature, music and feminism for the youth. And in the end, I got a job in the newspapers.

I don't plan to stop here. Although writing is my big passion, radio is too. And I will not stop until I get the chance to work on a podcast or radio show.

Do you need an article?

Thank you're at the right place!

If you need a journalist approach to the topic or any kind of article for your company, my knowledge and experience are at your service.

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