Exploring other cities, but not your own

I always like to go to another city. Usually in another country, but in Serbia too. If I haven’t been there, why not? I like to go to another city even for a day. I don’t mind travelling for hours to spend a day in a new place just to be able to explore it.

But, at the same time, I live in a huge city and for five years of being in Belgrade, I didn’t manage to explore it properly. I’ve been to many parts of the city because I’ve been working in different parts of it, my friends live all over Belgrade and I’ve been to concerts everywhere. But I still haven’t explored it the way I should

For years I’ve been saying that I’m going to go to the tower on Avala mountain or to Gardosh tower in Zemun. And I’ve still been in Zemun only a couple of times for concerts and don’t know that part of the city at all. If I like to get to random places in other cities and just walk around. Why don’t I do that in the city I live in? I live in the beautiful Belgrade forest called Košutnjak. And yet for five years, I didn’t take a walk through it properly more than ten times. There is an amazing viewpoint here and I don’t know how to get to it.

And why is it like that? Because everything is so familiar here. I’m used to going by the woods to my apartment, so it doesn’t seem exciting anymore. Because I have a panoramic view of the city from my bed. Because I’m too tired after work to go for a walk in some part of the city that’s maybe too far away and on the weekends I’m too lazy to do it because I want to relax at my time off. And who said that walks aren’t relaxing too? Especially nature ones.

But Belgrade deserves the same amount of attention as Timisoara, Prague or Barcelona. It most definitely isn’t as attractive as those cities at the first glance, but Belgrade has a soul in his nature, history and touristy places with shiny cobblestones as well as dirty concrete streets with walls covered in graffiti.

So my mission from now on is to give this city the love it deserves.

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